The Trustees of Teamsters #261 & Employers Welfare Fund welcome you to the Funds website. The need to communicate changes to our Fund to you, the participant, has never been greater, and we hope you will find this site helpful.

The Teamsters #261 and Employers Welfare Fund is a self funded Welfare Fund which means we have the ability to keep Healthcare cost affordable to our members.  Today, more than ever, controlling Health and Welfare and Prescription Drug costs is critical to securing fair and equitable contracts for the participants and participating employers. The Trustees of this Fund continue to investigate alternative ways to secure the best benefit for your hard earned wages. Part of cost effectiveness is to keep you informed as to how you can help us control cost in areas such as future wellness plans, fraud prevention, and effective use of your benefit plan.

We hope that you will find the information useful and interesting.  If you have any suggestions to improve this website, please let us know.